Patient Information

Our caring healthcare professionals always work with the patient experience in mind.

From start to finish, you’ll feel truly cared for. To ensure an efficient and relaxed surgical experience, we recommend that you refer to the following in preparing for your procedure:

Patient Notification Documents

Preparing for Your Surgery

Day of Surgery

After Your Surgery

At Home Care



Patient Notification Documents

To properly prepare for your procedure, please make sure to read the documents linked below:

Ownership Signage

Notice of Privacy Practice

Notice of Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

Nondiscrimination and Accessibility

Advanced Directives

No Surprise Billing


Preparing for Your Surgery

To properly prepare for your procedure, please make sure to observe the following guidelines.

Before Surgery
At your physician’s office, you should have received a Pre-Admission Health History instruction card or flyer. Please complete your evaluation as soon as possible here. This evaluation will include a review of your medical history, allergies, and medications. A registered nurse from Shields Surgery Center will contact you via telephone one to two days prior to your surgery to provide you with the final details of your procedure and provide you with your arrival time. If you have not been contacted by the day prior to your procedure, please call Shields Surgery Center at (781) 874-0277 by 3 pm.

Eating & Drinking
Guidelines for eating and drinking prior to your surgery will be provided to you by your physician or a Shields Surgery Center Nurse. Please be sure to carefully adhere to these guidelines; failure to do so can result in the rescheduling of your surgery.

If your physician has provided you with a prescription, during your office visit, to be taken after your surgery, please have that prescription filled before your surgery. Please note there is not a pharmacy on our premises, however, there are many pharmacies located nearby. Should you need assistance locating a convenient pharmacy; our team will gladly assist you.

Responsible Adult

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. You will need to arrange for a responsible adult, age 18 years or age or order to:

  • Accompany you to Shields Surgery Center
  • Drive you home after your procedure
  • Remain with you for 24 hours after your surgery, if you received anesthesia or sedation

Please ask the person accompanying you to plan to remain at Shields Surgery Center while you are having surgery. Your physician may wish to speak with them. Your surgery will be canceled if a responsible adult is not available.

Your Surgical Appointment

Scheduled surgery times are subject to change due to the nature of the surgical process. Therefore, we ask that you please keep the entire day of your surgery open for any possible changes. You will be contacted one to three days prior to your procedure to confirm your surgery time.

Please contact your surgeon or doctor before the day of your surgery if:

  • You need to confirm exactly when to arrive at the center on the day of the procedure.
  • You experience noticeable changes in your health since your most recent doctor visit, which may include minor issues like a cold or changes in body temperature. Even if you don’t think it’s serious, it is best to let your doctor know.
  • You think you may be pregnant.
  • You have forgotten to mention relevant medical conditions such as latex allergies, diabetes, and heart/kidney/liver issues. As a rule of thumb, these types of conditions should be disclosed to your physician before any treatment (surgical or otherwise) is recommended and administered.
  • You are taking any medication (prescription or over the counter) that your surgeon or physician is not aware of. This is especially crucial due to the potential of unpredictable drug interactions with anesthesia.

Estimating the price of your surgery:

As an outpatient provider, our prices are low while our expertise and care remain unmatched. You can find out the estimated out-of-pocket cost of your surgical procedure by using our online price estimator.

The Day of Your Surgery

The Morning of Your Surgery

  • Bathe or shower at home before surgery but do not apply lotion, cosmetics, or deodorant. If surgery will be on a hand or foot, artificial nails and nail polish must be removed.
  • Do not wear makeup, jewelry, contact lenses, or hair styling products. If you cannot leave your contact lenses at home, make sure to bring your storage case.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Make sure to leave all your jewelry, cash and valuables at home. You will not need them at Shields Surgery Center and we cannot be responsible in the event of a loss.

The Day of Your Surgery

You should come to Shields Surgery Center with a trusted companion at the appointed time to ensure an efficient admission process. This includes: presenting valid forms of identification, signing a consent form for your procedure, and getting prepped for surgery. If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Please arrive promptly for your appointment. Upon your arrival, our reception team will get you registered and notify our caregivers of your arrival.


You will be asked to sign a form giving your consent for surgery, unless you signed one at your physician’s office. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must accompany you and sign the consent form.

Your Recovery

When you and your nurse have determined that you are ready, the person that accompanied you will be able to join you in your recovery room. Instructions for your care will then be provided to both of you. Plan on being in the recovery room for a minimum of one to two hours depending on the type of anesthesia you received.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • All valid insurance cards
  • A government issued photo ID or driver’s license
  • Accepted forms of payment
  • A copy of your consent forms and an Advance Directive if required
  • Any medications you need to take for your current medical condition

After Your Surgery

After the surgery, you will be placed under observation in our recovery room until you are ready to be discharged. The person who accompanied you to the center will receive discharge instructions from your doctor and drive you home.

The time you spend in the recovery room is based on the procedure performed and/or your physician’s explicit instructions. Usually, most outpatient procedures require no more than one to two hours in the recovery room.

You will receive written, post-surgery instructions regarding diet, exercise and medications to encourage optimal healing and accelerated recovery time. We recommend taking it easy and having another responsible adult at home with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. We also advise that you refrain from doing the following within the first full day after your discharge:

  • Driving and operating heavy machinery or equipment
  • Signing or consenting to documents of legal significance
  • Making critical decisions that can affect day-to-day living or existing social/work relationships
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Engaging in intense or strenuous physical activities

After you return home, be sure to follow the instructions the nurse gave you regarding diet, medication and rest. Your physician will require a follow up visit. If this has not already been scheduled, please schedule as soon as possible. A nurse from New England Surgical Suites will attempt to contact you the next business day after your surgery to check on your recovery and answer any questions you might have.

If you experience any of the following, please contact your physician’s office:

  • Bleeding that soaks through your dressing
  • Nausea or vomiting for more than 24 hours
  • Uncontrolled pain despite taking pain medication as prescribed
  • Signs/symptoms of infection which may include:
    • Fever 101⁰ or greater
    • Open incision
    • Increased soreness, pain, or tenderness
    • Red streaks, increased redness, or increased puffiness near incision
    • Colored or bad smelling drainage from incision

At Home Care

For optimal healing, please carefully follow your physician’s post-surgery care instructions. For best results, we highly recommend that you rest and arrange for a responsible companion to stay home with you for the first 24 hours after your procedure. For the first full day after your discharge, we advise that you refrain from the following activities:

  • Driving and operating heavy machinery or equipment
  • Signing or consenting to documents of legal significance, making critical decisions when you should be focusing on recovery
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages or taking other medications that are not included in your doctor’s instructions (over the counter or prescription)
  • Engaging in any physical activity that requires exertion (lifting heavy objects, exercising, etc.)

If you experience any problems or unexpected health issues, please contact your physician as soon as possible.


Our facility accepts most major commercial insurance, HMO/PPO plans, Medicare, Workers Compensation, and other government sponsored health coverage. Please contact us at 781-874-0277 if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

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